Buying Property in Spain

Buying and selling land or property in Spain will certainly involve different procedures than you are accustomed to in your home country, however, you can make this a smooth experience by following a few basic steps and selecting reputable professionals to assist you at each stage.

After selecting a property, a nominal reservation fee is usually required in order to remove the property from the market. A purchase contract is then drawn up by your solicitor describing the details of the purchase, including the legal description of the property, purchase price, form of payment and date of completion of the purchase. At this time, 10% of the purchase price (less the reservation fee) is normally paid. The length of time between exchange of contracts and completion can vary, but between 30 and 60 days is normal.

The purchase is completed in the presence of a notary, during which the remainder of the full purchase price is paid for the property, the seller issues you with a public deed of conveyance (Escritura) and the property is ensured free of all debts and encumbrances. The notary then presents the deed to the Property Registry for inscription and you then have title to the property.

We always recommend that you appoint a qualified, bilingual, and independent solicitor to advise and assist throughout this process. The solicitor will undertake all checks and searches to ensure that the property is free of all encumbrances and debts at the time of purchase.

If you are buying a land plot you will also require the services of a qualified architect. As well as designing your villa to your specific requirements, the architect will also oversee and check the work of your appointed constructor and ensure that all legal requirements and building regulations are observed.

Plots Direct can assist with choosing your independent solicitor, your architect and your builder. Furthermore, if you require finance for a resale property, plot or construction project we can help to source and obtain the best terms from selected Spanish banks and mortgage lenders.

Why buy a resale property?

A resale property is usually "ready to go", as upon completion of the purchase at the notary's office, you can move in immediately and install your furniture with no pre-requisites or waiting. Some of our resale properties are sold furnished and furthermore gardens tend to be mature so expensive landscaping is not normally necessary.

Why buy "Plot and Build"?

Buying a plot and building your villa gives you far more choice. After choosing your own ideal location, you then have the choice of personally designing your dream villa and having it built to your own specifications.

Internally the choice of bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchen can all be made to suit your requirements and the needs of your family. By designing the exterior from scratch, you have the choice of personalising every detail with your choice of tiles, colour scheme, swimming pool, barbecue, naya, terraces and landscaping.

Spanish life is largely outdoor so the external specification of your villa is very important. You start with a blank canvas and there is no compromising. Your dream villa is built for you in your dream location. On average the building of your villa and pool will take around 10 months and a new build villa can be issued with a building guarantee of up to 10 years.

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